Thursday, May 05, 2016

'SC successfully stopping anti-lgbt bills' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Bathroom Bill: Is SC more progressive? - Because South Carolina is not one of those states which bogart all of the attention when it comes to positive lgbt news, here is something you wouldn't know if some folks weren't determined to let you know:

 Jeff Ayers, executive director of South Carolina Equality Coalition, which advocates lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender rights issues, said at the start of the year there were 11 anti-LGBT bills filed in the South Carolina Legislature. With a month left in the legislative session, he said, only one of those bills made it to full committee and none have advanced to the floor. “South Carolina will be one of the only states in the deep South that has stopped all the LGBT bills at the committee level, where other states have advanced them to the other chamber and voted on them,” he said.  

Top North Carolina Republicans Are Going Ballistic Over Justice Dept. Announcement HB2 Is Illegal - Meanwhile, the federal government just told North Carolina that it's anti-lgbt HB2 is illegal. And of course those who passed it are angry.

  North Carolina Republicans Unfazed By Feds’ Warning That HB2 Discriminates - And they are determined to do things the hard way. Works for me. Sock it to them. And bring that Liberty Counsel with you.  

How Donald Trump Is Already Surrounding Himself With Fervent Homophobes - Would there have been any doubt?  

Anti-Gay Religious Right Activist Seeks Seat On The Mississippi Supreme Court - Wouldn't THAT be lovely?

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Boycott Target campaign is the real danger to women & children - a video demonstration

Dear American Family Association, transgender men and women have harmed no one at Target. Allowing them to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with has not caused "predators" to invade restrooms .

But YOUR so-called boycott has caused crazy incidents like this to happen:

So, just who IS the real danger to women and children? Target? Transgender men and women?

 Or maybe it's you, American Family Association.

'Boycott Target' campaign slowly backfiring on anti-lgbt right' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Anti-lgbt Target boycott is backfiring.

The Ironic Ways The Target Boycott Is Backfiring For Conservatives - Accidentally "liking" a tweet and a post refuting nonsense about the "bathroom predator" myth isn't the only way boycotting Target is backfiring against the American Family Association. It's bringing all of the street preaching loons out of the woodwork, amongst other things. Allegedly having over one million signatures on a petition means nothing if public perception paints you as a bunch of dangerous loons. 

White House To Create First Monument To Gay Rights - Of course it's going to be Stonewall. Sweet! 

The Real Reason the Religious Right Opposes Trans Equality. (It Isn’t Bathroom Predators.) - Fascinating article.

 Ted Cruz’s Transphobic Campaign Failed Miserably In Indiana - Good news? Ted Cruz will NOT be president. Really bad news? Donald Trump is STILL around. It's like one monster destroying another in a contest for the right to devour you.

  'God Help Us': Religious Right Leaders Mourn Ted Cruz's Defeat - They are SUCH drama queens.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

'Boycott Target' anti-lgbt hate group AFA has to backtrack from 'testing' and 'tweeting'

The American Family Association, the anti-lgbt hate group leading the bigoted boycott against Target because of the store's transgender inclusive policy, found itself in to pickles today.

First, the group had to disavow comments made by an spokesperson. During an appearance on a radio show Monday, AFA director of governmental affairs Sandy Rios said that the organization was testing Target's policy by sending men into the ladies room:

“I think there’s no question that when you say that there are no barriers in the bathroom,” Rios said, “and that if men or women feel like they are men or women, the opposition of however they are equipped, and you have no restrictions, the net effect will be that people will not be stopped. We’ve already had people testing this, going into Targets and men trying to go into bathrooms. There is absolutely no barrier.” 

Because of her comments, AFA has been the subject of numerous mocking articles, emails, and tweets. Today, the group backtracked from Rios's comment:

In addition, the organization  busied itself "liking" tweets from individuals supporting its boycott. But to me, one tweet stood out:

 As you can see, it was MY tweet and as you all can probably guess, it wasn't favorable to the AFA's boycott. At all. Not even a little bit.

Rather, it was a tweet which led to a post on this blog in which I demonstrated how the "bathroom predator": talking point stemmed from an earlier failed anti-lgbt talking point, children being "trapped in classrooms with transgender and drag queen school teachers."

I think AFA figured that out quickly because the organization quickly "unliked" my tweet within minutes of favoriting it.

Who knows, maybe the person in charge of  AFA's twitter account read the post after liking it.

Or maybe I got a feared reputation. Wouldn't that be fun if it were true. A so-called Christian organization of national reputation who can supposedly corral over one million signatures is scared of a single African-American gay blogger from the South.

It HAS to be my stunning imitation of Nina Simone which scares them? Right?

'US Attorney General says transgender rights is about fairness' & other Tue. midday news briefs

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch
Mississippi’s Gay Adoption Ban Dead After State Fails To Appeal Ruling - Wonderful. Now if we could kill that awful anti-lgbt "religious liberty" law . . . 

The New York Times’ Bizarre Attempt to Portray Donald Trump as ‘More Accepting on Gay Issues’- Ugh. Just UGH!  

US Attorney General: Transgender rights are about fundamental fairness - Damn right!  

From classrooms to bathrooms - How anti-lgbt groups pivoted transphobic propaganda - This morning's post on how anti-lgbt groups pivoted from a failed anti-transgender talking point about "transgender and drag queen school teachers" to the semi-successful one about "bathroom predators."  

Ted Cruz Hopes To Save Presidential Campaign With Attacks On LGBT People - It's not like it hasn't been tried before. And successfully. 

 This Texas Town Just Defeated a Proposed Anti-Trans 'Bathroom Bill' Because Nearly No One Wanted It - Sweeet!

From classrooms to bathrooms - How anti-lgbt groups pivoted transphobic propaganda

The country is heavily into this nonsense about "bathroom bills" and the false notions that allowing transgender men and women to use restrooms in accordance to their gender identities will expose women and girls to danger from predators "pretending to be women" or simply walking in restrooms "claiming that they feel like women."

Of course a lot of us know that it's a bunch of bull, i.e. the latest moral panic created to exploit fear and religious beliefs about lgbts. But here is what you don't know. The bathroom predator talking point came from another anti-lgbt talking point.

When anti-lgbt groups were hot against ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act), a main point was that it would create situations in which children were "held captive" in classrooms with transgender and "drag queen" teachers.

I kid you not, as the following graphics demonstrate:

However, none of these graphics and the lies told about transgender teachers were resonating with folks. Also, the huge fight about ENDA never took place.It was replaced by the battle over marriage equality.

But it wasn't that difficult for anti-lgbt groups to pivot an ugly spin about transgender teachers to that about "transgender predators in restrooms."

From this:

To this:

To finally:

It's all a bunch of cynical lies disguised as issues of genuine concern. And it always involve the semantic idea that lgbts will harm the most vulnerable, especially children. However, this mess is also very successful and will continue to be such until we continue to call it out for the ugly propaganda that it is.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Trangender student still wins after Horry County stalemate . . . at least for now

On the heels of a huge victory in keeping anti-transgender legislation from becoming law, the South Carolina lgbt community found itself in another battle in what can be called in less friendly territory. And though the battle seems to have ended in a stalemate as of now, it exposed the absolute insane fears that the religious right have been able to exploit with regards to transgender men and women and bathrooms.

From News 2:

 Horry County Schools held a meeting Monday morning before a capacity crowd to discuss Title IX and the transgender bathroom issue.The School Board called the meeting to decide if they should continue to comply with a federal court ruling in favor of a Virginia transgender student who wished to use the bathroom of the gender he identified with.The board voted on a resolution to follow the law under the recent 4th Circuit Court ruling on Title IX and will explore all possible legal avenues on the issue — including filing an amicus brief in support of the Virginia school district. The School Board also said non-transgender students will be allowed to use private bathrooms in the nurse’s office of they fee uncomfortable with transgender people in the bathroom.

An April 28th edition of CNN online gives background on the situation:

A South Carolina school district is updating its policy to allow transgender students to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity. The news comes one week after a transgender student threatened legal action against Horry County Schools for suspending him for using the "wrong" bathroom. The student, who wished to not be identified for fear of outing himself, said a teacher followed him to the bathroom this year. He used the boys' restroom despite recent orders from the school to use the girls' facilities or the nurse's bathroom, and he was suspended for one day.
 According to the boy's mother, he had been using the boy's restroom since 8th grade without incident. For now, it is not known how the situation got so controversial. What is known is that once the school district decided to allow transgender students to use restrooms in accordance to their gender identities, some Horry residents got angry. Some started a petition and over 1,000 of them showed up at a prayer rally on Sunday.  All of them were pushing the notion that predators would use the new law to harm their children, even though experts have debunked this myth.

And others pull their children out of school. According to News Channel 15:

After that news broke, Jessica Hendrick pulled her daughter out of an Horry County middle school.She's concerned that a boy could be in the stall next to her daughter. "I want to know for my child that the first time that she has an experience of seeing private body parts of the opposite sex that I've done everything I can do as a parent to ensure that it was done on her own terms," said Hendrick. "Not because she was at school in the 7th grade in a bathroom and a boy came in."

While the district board was deliberating, people from opposite sides of the issue tried to debate. As you can see by the above picture from twitter, it didn't exactly go well. Singing "Jesus Loves Me" to drown out someone defending children is the very definition of irony.

For now, while the school district seeks to appeal Title XI, it will continue to allow transgender students to use the bathroom in accordance to their gender identity.

Of course I don't understand how some folks pivoted from a  transgender boy using the bathroom for years without problems to the idea that allowing him to continue to do so would cause situations in which transgender girls would "expose" themselves to other girls.

But I guess it doesn't have to make sense. Irrationality and fear never has to make sense.

'Ad denounces HB2, Target boycott run by anti-lgbt hate group' & other Mon. midday news briefs

Wonderful ad running in North Carolina via Freedom for All Americans

In this new ad, Zeke Christopoulos – a transgender man who lives in Asheville, North Carolina – and two of his colleagues discuss their concerns about the discriminatory House Bill 2, which knocked down existing non-discrimination protections for LGBT people and banned transgender people from using public restrooms. Watch the video – and then take action to stand with LGBT North Carolinians, including Zeke! By sharing the stories of transgender North Carolinians impacted by HB2, we can build momentum for repeal and prevent other states from passing such egregious anti-LGBT laws. 


Anti-LGBT Activists 'Testing' Target By Sending Men Into Women's Rooms - I wouldn't put it past them and I think it may backfire, but something in this item caught my eye: 

The program’s host, Stephen Bannon, contended that rather than being inclusive, Target is “trying to exclude people who are decent, hard-working people who don’t want their four-year-old daughter to have to go into a bathroom with a guy with a beard in a dress." 

That phrase underlines why we need demand that the media - particularly Fox News - give equal time to transgender folk when discussing this issue. The phrase "men in dresses" and the semantics of "predatory men with beards and dresses" have permeated this conversation. Language is very important in a debate like this and the opposition has been pretty much allowed to paint transgender women in some of the ugliest terms.  

Sorry Newt, but the American Family Association IS a hate group - Speaking of the boycott against Target, here is a 2011 post about the organization leading the boycott. I am disappointed in myself and others who have not emphasized that the group leading the boycott, the American Family Association is an anti-lgbt hate group and home to Bryan Fischer, the man who thinks that gays created the Nazi Party. AFA itself has claimed that gays recruit children when we aren't smearing feces on ourselves. 

 Anti-LGBT Groups Unite To Prevent UN Recognition Of Same-Sex Families - And the attack on the transgender community is merely one ugly facet of these groups. We have to recognize all of these groups because they want to push us and our families in the closet and then lock and bolt the door.

Friday, April 29, 2016

'Fox News running anti-transgender con, anti-Target petition number misleading,' & other Friday midday news briefs

Fox News personality Megyn Kelly.
Megyn Kelly grills Pat McCrory over anti-trans North Carolina law: ‘What is the fear?’ - So Fox News personality Megyn Kelly got NC Gov. McCrory on the hot seat about his bogus law, HB2. Good for her. I'm not impressed and I will tell you why in the summation of the next news brief.

 Seth Meyers Slams Fox News For Pushing Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Predator" Myth
- Because, as Seth Myers helps illustrate, for one Megyn Kelly deciding to act like a journalist, there are a myriad of others on Fox News who deliberately push lies. The only person who comes out looking good in the above interview is Megyn Kelly but you ever notice (and if I am wrong, please correct me), Fox News personalities will interview anti-lgbt pastors and pundits like Keith Ablow in one-sided messes, but has YET to have a credible medical professional or even a member of the transgender community on its network. At the very least, since the subject is about the transgender community, one would think that Fox News could have a representative of a transgender organization  once or as many times as it pushes those who are opposed to the transgender community. Don't be fooled by the crumbs of a ridiculous interview created to distract us from how Fox News is running game against us all.

Booker, Murray introduce legislation against ‘ex-gay’ therapy - Oh hell yes!!  

Anti-Gay Counseling Student Sues University Over His Refusal To Follow Professional Ethics - If your religious beliefs interferes with your course of work, maybe you shouldn't be in that course. Standards, which could be the difference between life and death for clients and patients, should not be changed to suit you.  

Media Outlets Are Reporting 1 Million People Are Boycotting Target. Here’s The Truth. - You mean the anti-gay hate group the American Family Association could be misleading people about its anti-Target petition. Well shut my mouth! 

 Bryan Fischer Is Outraged That Target Allowed A Man Into A 'Family Dressing Room' Area - Cause apparently men have nothing to do with families. Yeah, Bryan Fischer is stupid as he sounds.

SC 'bathroom bill' sponsor willing to drag dead bill into budget debate

SC Sen. Lee Bright

South Carolina's anti-transgender "bathroom bill" has died in committee this year but its sponsor, State Sen. Lee Bright, can't seem to take the loss with dignity.

From the Charlotte Observer:

With his bill certain to fail, Bright was planning another way to advance his agenda Wednesday.

When the state budget comes up for debate next week, Bright said he will try to add a proposal to ban state aid to local governments that pass laws requiring businesses to allow transgender people to use the bathrooms of their choice. Local governments that require that are telling businesses “how to run their restrooms,” he said.

Bright said he has high hopes that his no-aid proposal will pass. “We’d rather have the full bill, but we’ll take what we can get.”

From the debate and the parties who stood against his bill, including several businesses, one can only assume that Bright has to be in another universe of thought. And it gets even better (or worse):

 Bright said Wednesday he would reintroduce his original transgender bathroom bill next year if he wins re-election. Three Republicans are challenging Bright in the June GOP primary.
“We’re not going to sacrifice the privacy and safety of 99.7 percent of the population because 0.3 percent is confused about their gender identity.”

That statement is also another flight of fancy from Bright.  US Attorney Bill Nettles told the General Committee during testimony that there has been no cases of women being attacked because of men sneaking in bathrooms dressed as women.  Clearly, Sen. Bright needs to accept the fact that he lost this round.

Read more here:

Read more here: said Wednesday he would reintroduce his original transgender bathroom bill next year if he wins re-election. Three Republicans are challenging Bright in the June GOP primary.
“We’re not going to sacrifice the privacy and safety of 99.7 percent of the population because 0.3 percent is confused about their gender identity.”

Read more here:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

SC anti-transgender 'bathroom bill' officially DEAD for this year

A huge coalition brought down Sen. Bright's anti-lgbt bill

And it's officially over.

Jeff Ayers, SC Equality Executive Director, just sent out the following release:

Today was a historic day in South Carolina as Sen. Lee Bright's discriminatory, unnecessary and economically ill-advised "bathroom bill," S.1203, was officially stopped for the year.

Today was the final legislative day before "crossover" in the SC Senate - where a bill needs to make it out of one body in order to be considered by the other body. Because the Senate adjourned for the day without taking up the bill at all, S.1203 is officially dead.

The 'Liberal Redneck' takes on the anti-lgbt Target boycotters and trounces them

I don't know who this Liberal Redneck is, but he makes so much sense that I simply have to feature him. In this NFSW video, he takes on folks boycotting Target for its inclusive bathroom policy:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

'Colbert skewers 'bathroom bill' supporters as 'weirdos'" & other Wed. midday news briefs

Stephen Colbert Blasts GOP Over Anti-Transgender Bathroom Laws: "You're the Weirdos" - Stephen Colbert "says what we are thinking." Hey, maybe we should elect HIM president. I mean that's how Trump began with the gig. 

North Carolina Republicans Looking to Put HB2 on November Ballot as Constitutional Amendment (Video) - Even my overly cautious nature recognizes just how STUPID this would be for the supporters of this bill. All of the horror stories in the world about "bathroom predators" wouldn't save them. You get folks psyched up on a huge level against a law and THEN allow them to vote. Good luck.  

Alabama City Passes Transgender Bathroom Ordinance - You ever notice how no one ever says how they will enforce this junk? 

 Bill Allowing Therapists to Refuse Service to LGBT People Becomes Law if Governor Doesn't Veto Today - And the battle never ends . . . 

Major News Outlets Fail To Identify The Hate Group Boycotting Target - The main problem in all of this is when the media will not do their job. I guess it's up to us.