Friday, July 29, 2016

'Trump/Putin Golden Girls parody goes viral' & other Fri. midday news briefs

You have not seen it all until you have seen 'The Golden Girls' starring Donald Trump, mike Pence, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-Un. You know this is funny. You might as well surrender and laugh your ass off:

In other news:

 Orlando-area Republicans back Fla. anti-discrimination bill - That's good news. The bad news is what it took for them to support it.
Report: U.S. Navy to name ship after LGBT rights icon Harvey Milk - In case you didn't heart, this is sweeet!

Where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Stand on LGBT Rights - Just in case you need a reminder . . .

What Are LGBT Organizations Doing to Support Black Lives Matter? - That is a good question.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sarah McBride makes history at DNC convention, elevates conversation about transgender community

Today, Sarah McBride just became the first transgender speaker at a major political convention. She elevates the conversation about transgender Americans in a wonderful way:

'Anti-lgbt hate group furious over Hilton ad showing gay couple in bed' & other Thur midday news briefs

Editor's note - Sorry for the lack of the usual morning posting. It was a bit chaotic for a while around here. We now return to your regularly scheduled blog posts:

The American Family Association is having a hissy fit over this Hilton ad.

Hilton Ad Showing Gay Couple In Bed Drives AFA Mad - Oh for Pete's sake. Apparently anti-lgbt hate groups don't like to showing us in bed even when we aren't doing anything but being in bed. 

Mother of gay Pulse nightclub massacre victim speaks at DNC - I don't care who you are, you should be moved by her speech. 

Meet the transgender delegates at the Democratic convention - And they had their first caucus today. The greatest of this moment cannot be stated enough. 

 Daniel Driffin highlights the fight against HIV at the DNC - And an African-American HIV positive gay man also took center stage.

 Bryan Fischer: 'It Is Not Possible For Homosexual Behavior To Be A Constitutional Or Moral Or Ethical Or Legal Right'- Y'all, Bryan Fischer is obsessing over gay folks having sex (again).

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

'Don't forget our homeless lgbt children' & other Wed. midday news briefs

LGBT Teens: Shunned, Alone, And On The Streets - In the hoopla of lgbt presence at the Democratic National Convention, let's NOT forget our children. They need us on so many levels. 

Pulse nightclub to become permanent memorial - As well it should. We will NEVER forget.

 After the Orlando Shooting, the Changed Lives of Gay Latinos - Speaking of which . . . 

 Here Are Just Some Of The Badass Queer Women Competing In Rio - YAAAS! Go for the gold, ladies!

Large lgbt presence at DNC convention is progress

For me, it is a positive thing that there is a huge lgbt presence at the DNC convention and that fact itself isn't being exploited as a negative thing.

Jason Collins, the first publicly gay athlete to play in the NBA, and his brother Jarron addressed the convention Monday night. Here they talk with gay anchor from MSNBC, Thomas Roberts, about the DNC platform:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

'Democrats ratifies most pro-LGBT platform ever' & other Tue midday news briefs

Democrats ratify most pro-LGBT platform ever - THIS happened amidst all of the talk of squabbling and such. And I'm a practical queen.  This is a million times better than the kick in the face the GOP gave us. I WANT this. ALL OF THIS. 

Here’s Proof That Policing Trans People In Bathrooms Isn’t Actually About Women’s Privacy - Spin false fears of transgender women being predators while protecting the bull#@!^ of heterosexual men taking photos and videos up women's skirts. What the hell?!!

 Group Livid Over Gay Couple On 'Loud House' Voiced By Wayne Brady, Michael McDonald - And it begins. Where the heck were these folks when Bugs Bunny was dressing in drag? LOL

  Revealed: The Right-Wing Movement’s Agenda For Trump’s First 180 Days - Enough to turn your hair white.  

Christian hate group lawyers wrote Mississippi’s blocked anti-LGBT law - Surprise! Or not.

Michelle Obama SLAYS the crowd at the DNC convention

First Lady Michelle Obama knocked it out last night.

The Democratic National Convention may have opened chaotically but ended last night with a  positive bang. While it certainly doesn't ease the tensions and bad feelings brought about by the primary fight between Sanders and Clinton, it was a wonderful beginning which epitomizes how it's going to take hard work and unity to win in November.

In many ways, that is symbolic of the struggle for lgbt equality. All speeches were wonderful. Sen. Booker set the tone, Sen. Warren brought the heat. And Sen. Sanders brought the passion and spelled out why his revolution goes past primaries, candidates, and petty squabbles. Because it's really not his revolution, but all of ours.

However, the speech which everyone is talking about is the following by First Lady Michelle Obama. The only way I can full get you to understand how good it was is by this video showing its entirety:

Monday, July 25, 2016

Gay DNC officials' leaked emails reveal . . . nothing' & other Mon. midday news briefs

With the DNC convention in the back drop, I will continue to bring you news and thoughts:

Gay DNC officials’ emails part of massive WikiLeaks release - Cool your jets. This article isn't about corruption or that ridiculous controversy designed to stir things up. The Gay DNC officials were talking about pushing against false information.

 Miss Major Is A Trans Elder And Stonewall Icon.. And She’s Changing The World - The best interview you probably have yet to read.

 Cleveland mayor signs transgender rights bill - Sweet! 

 Bryan Fischer: The NBA Is Punishing North Carolina For Refusing To 'Take The Mark Of The Beast'- The NBA takes a stand against discrimination in NC by moving the All-Star game away from Charlotte and Bryan Fischer responds in his own "shouldn't be copied" fashion.

Ramblings before the DNC convention. Just my thoughts.

So today is the start the Democratic National Convention and I hope it's a lot better than last week's monstrosity put on by the Republicans last week.

Since it's my blog, I have no problems with openly supporting Clinton and Kaine. My support is for a simple reason. With those two, lgbts don't stand to lose all that we fought for and won during the Obama Administration.

Every time around the presidential election, certain individuals wake up and start going on about saving the world, a corrupt system, real progressives, etc. etc. I don't mind saying that I'm not interested in saving the world before saving my own world. I'm not taking a risk of sacrificing lgbt progress and starting back from square one just to appease a superficial point.

Don't hand me crap about big banks or any of  the ultra liberal issue du jour. I learned all I need to know about the discipline and commitment of those folks in 2010 and 2012. It's so easy to march and shout slogans than it is to stay in the background and build structure, isn't it? Or get your friends to vote when the stacks are just as high but media attention is nil.

And I'm not even going to talk about that Wikileaks email crap which revealed NOTHING but a frustration over a candidate who stubbornly continued to push even though he was losing. There was nothing proven, except for the gullibility of certain people and their need to find any excuse to push issues which need to stay dead.

I know I'm probably rambling but I can. Here's hoping that this week shows the difference between calm, rationale leadership and hysterical ramblings. And here's hoping that certain shortsighted people don't screw it up.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Peter Thiel's obliviousness creates historic nonsense

Peter Thiel

“I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican. But most of all I am proud to be an American,” - Peter Thiel in his speech at last night's RNC convention. Thiel is the Silicon Valley billionaire, who co-founded PayPal.

No, what you are is a tragic walking conundrum. A pathetic, oblivious man whose ears are so stuffed with money that he can't hear the cries of the brothers and sisters harmed by the party of fools he supports.

I can't be nice. It would dishonor so many others. And I can't fall for that rhetorical, semantic crap about not being tolerant about someone else's difference of opinion. Peter Thiel, you are an enabling monster. I don't care how much money you have.

Trump is an idiot whose speech is being panned as it should. The Republican party and its supporters cheering during the convention are entitled, self-righteous jerks stewing in their own inane realities of being deprived of things which never belonged to them in the first place. They immerse themselves in lies and when confronted by the truth, dig in deeper, as if the lies can coat them from the inevitability of having to deal with the truth.

But Peter Thiel , you are worse. Let the moronic strains of the lazy pundits lift you up. Believe that you have done something historic.

But never forget this. You didn't do anything historic. What you did is the equivalent of an African-American tap dancing for the pleasure of fools who have secret fantasies of lynching him. They merely tolerate your existence. They only pretend to love you because you are a white man with lots of money. If you were a transgender child in our nation's school or a married gay couple being denied service on the grounds of religious beliefs, their fangs would come out.

If you were an lgbt of color, you would be ignored, as if your existence doesn't matter. And if you weren't ignored, you would be treated to double smears of "n-gge-r" and "f-gg-t."

What you did last night wasn't special. You aren't special. You may get interview in gay magazines and you may even make the cover, but make no mistake about it.

Your presence at that monstrosity last night says more about you than that flippant statement of disagreement you made about the GOP platform. You do remember what it says, don't you? It attacks gay families, the transgender community, and suggests fraudulent therapy to make us heterosexual.

I speak for myself, as well as many lgbt brothers and sisters who aren't rich or as white as you when I say the following:

You make me physically ill.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

'Anti-lgbt right sacrificing 'values' to get a 'piece of the Trump' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Who needs 'morality' when there's power.

Behind The Religious Right's Efforts To Strong Arm Donald Trump - From Talking Points Memo comes something many of us already knew. With the anti-lgbt and "conservative" right, it's never been about morality or values. Just POWER. They are willing to give up the values they claim to support if they think Trump will allow them to control the country. Yet another reason why we can't take this election lightly. 

Come On, Ted Cruz. Nobody Believes You Care About Gay People. - Dear Ted Cruz, just because you served a wonderful purpose in putting another dent in the Trump RNC convention doesn't mean it changes how lgbts feel about you because we KNOW it doesn't change how you feel about us.  

Lawsuit: Trans Students Made To Wear Green Bracelets To ID Themselves - What kind of jacked up crap is this?

 Mike Pence’s top seven most homophobic moments (out of many)- Another reminder that Trump's VP pick, Mike Pence, is a serious homophobe. 

 Caitlyn Jenner denounces anti-trans bills at ‘Big Tent’ event - Some may disagree but she gets props for going into the belly of the beast with both barrels blazing. 

Picture taken from Salon.