Tuesday, May 05, 2015

LGBT CODE RED - Mike Huckabee is running for president!

Mke Huckabee
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee Announces Presidential Run - Possibly with the except of Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee is the ABSOLUTE WORST candidate for president when it comes to lgbt equality. 

Six Times Mike Huckabee Used Bad Theology To Support His Policies - Example No. 1 

 Mike Huckabee is either a clueless fool or a brazen liar - Example No. 2 with a little background. In this post, Huckabee talks about the "intolerance" of gays while folks like him have done their utmost to show us courtesy and respect. Too bad the examples of his definition of "courtesy and respect" I included in this post makes him out to be a hypocrite. 

 Mike Huckabee - definitely not 'pro-sodomy' but extremely 'pro-ignorant' - And how can one forget this 2009 interview he conducted with fellow right-winger Ann Coulter in which he assured her that he is not "pro sodomy," whatever that is. Who are we kidding. WE KNOW what he meant.

 The friends of Mike Huckabee - And let's not forget his past friendship with a particularly rabid anti-gay hate group from Massachusetts. 

In short, if Mike Huckabee gets anywhere near the Oval Office even to use its toilet, "we'uns" is in trouble.

NOM - We aren't going anywhere

Like a fungus at the end of your heel which you can't seem to get rid of, NOM is insisting that regardless of what the Supreme Court rules, it's not going away. That and other news courtesy of my buddy Matt Baume and the American Foundation for Equal Rights

Monday, May 04, 2015

'Ben Carson's Top 10 Anti-Gay Statements' & other Monday midday news briefs

Ben Carson (the anti-Obama - not a compliment) is in for 2016.

GOP Presidential Candidate Ben Carson's Top 10 Most Anti-Gay Comments - In celebration of Ben Carson's announcement that he is running for president . . . never mind. It's too depressing to go on. Just read the darn thing.  

One Of These Photos About Religious Freedom Is Nothing Like The Others - WONDERFUL! Sometimes points have to be made with a certain simplicity. 

Consultant's resignation shines light on city councilman's perceived 'betrayal' of Columbia's lgbt community - Repeating this morning's post to remind folks that it's not all about stuff going on in California, New York, D.C., or any of the big cities. Us lgbts in southern states are fighting the good fight, too. 

 James Dobson: Gay Marriage Signals 'The Fall Of Western Civilization' - The anti-gay right predicts that some form of lgbt equality will doom mankind part 1,001. 

 Supreme Court declines to hear new LGBT-related cases - One is good for us. The other? Not so good.

Consultant's resignation shines light on city councilman's perceived 'betrayal' of Columbia's lgbt community

Cameron Runyan (hoisting a bottle of champagne) during a 2008 lgbt political event (photo by Jonathan Sharpe/Free Times)

A consultant hired by the city of Columbia to help create a human rights ordinance and commission resigns after months of complaints by a group of pastors. However that is nothing compared to the story behind the controversy. It involves a councilman elected partly on the strength of the city's lgbt community and the betrayal they felt when he suddenly turned against them.

A controversy about including lgbts in a human rights ordinance in the city of Columbia, SC has led to the resignation of a consultant the city hired to help create the ordinance and a commission. According to an article in the April 29th edition of The State newspaper:

Growing tensions over a plan to protect gays from discrimination in the city of Columbia have led to the resignation of a consultant city leaders hired to help develop a human-rights ordinance. Christine Johnson, a lesbian and advocate of gay rights, said she quit because City Councilman Cameron Runyan had obstructed her efforts to help create the proposed ordinance. Johnson said in an April 10 resignation letter that Runyan helped set up meetings with church groups to discuss ending her city contract. Runyan made misleading statements to church leaders, as well as misleading comments on a Columbia radio program concerning the proposed city human-rights ordinance, she said in her letter to City Manager Teresa Wilson.

Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/news/local/article19918173.html#storylink=cpy

 According to the article, the city of Columbia hired Johnson in December 2014 and her consulting was not to last more than six  months. However, the fact that she is openly gay led to months of complaints by a group of African-American pastors calling themselves the Christian Coalition. Bishop Eric Davis, a member of the group,  told The State  that the Christian Coalition doesn't want lgbts included in ordinance. The group even went so far as to have a February 26 meeting to discuss the "non-renewal" of Johnson's contract.

“Christine Johnson is not only a practicing lesbian, but she’s an advocate, an LGBT advocate,” Davis said. “So from a Christian perspective, our question was, ‘Is that built-in bias?’”
Davis said he believes homosexuality is a sin and said he has broad support from African-American churches representing 100,000 members.

Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/news/local/article19918173.html#storylink=cpy

Runyan denies that he had anything to do with Johnson's resignation, but the incident is yet another chapter in the quiet but intense war between him and Columbia's lgbt community. However, this story isn't your conventional one about an anti-gay elected official attempting to run roughshod. It reads more like a soap opera with the elements of betrayal being heavy in the mix.

Friday, May 01, 2015

'Tony Perkins angry at Right Wing Watch but fails to refute accusations' & other Friday midday news briefs

Tony Perkins
Tony Perkins is denying he calls for pro-equality judges to be impeached; he's lying and here's empirical proof - "Please proceed, Mr. Perkins." Poor Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. He thinks he has proof that Right Wing Watch distorted his words when it accused him of calling for SCOTUS judges to be impeached. And he continues to figuratively dig his own grave by offering said proof. 

Airbnb Removes Texas Property Listing After Owner Reportedly Rejects Gay Couple - A dimension of the "religious liberty" argument the anti-gay right haven't thought of. They claim that business should have the right to not serve gay couples. Fine, but what if nationwide consortiums and groups designed to steer people to hotels, inns, restaurants, etc decide that they don't want to include you in their guides because of your discriminatory tactics. These things cuts both ways, don't they. Of course businesses shut out of these consortiums and groups can form their own so-called "Christian-friendly" groups. But being widely known as a part of group of businesses coming together because they refuse to serve gays is a stigma sure to backfire. Mercy, I just LOVE AMERICA!!

 Alan Keyes: Gay Marriage Ruling A 'Just Cause For War' - Alan Keyes is easily one of the most pathetic African-American men in the world (yeah, I said it.) He supposedly has all of this intelligence but I wonder if he can point to at least ONE concrete thing he has done with his intelligence to make the world a better place. He depresses the heck out me.  

24 Heartbreaking Struggles From The Transgender Community - This needs to be read and spread. I don't think of the transgender community as victims, but there is nothing wrong with getting REAL about the ignorance one has to deal with.

Video shows anticipation, tension of crowds outside Supreme Court

 As seen by this video, the scene Tuesday outside SCOTUS was a mixture of tension and anticipation, but very peaceful while the justices insides heard oral arguments regarding marriage equality.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Conservatives, anti-gay right need to cool it on the persecution predictions

If there one thing which worries me about the possibility of us receiving 50-state marriage equality at  SCOTUS, it is the reaction to folks who do not support us being married.

I am somewhat concerned, not because I think of them as irrational folks. There are some folks who have very sincere beliefs that marriage equality is wrong and I respect that. I am worried about who some are choosing to believe.

It's one thing to be absolutely ludicrous and make ridiculous claims that God will be angry at America. But it's when these folks start predicting actual persecution and conjuring up images of Christians and pastors being arrested which bothers me. Case in point, Glenn Beck:

Glenn Beck is a demagogue. A moronic idiot who lucked into a media empire, but he has a multitude of followers and while we laugh at his inanity, there are folks who actually believe what he says. And unfortunately, he isn't the only person on the right pushing irresponsible rhetoric regarding the possible SCOTUS decision on marriage equality.

Never mind that these folks have track record for being inaccurate (they made the same claims about lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation), it's what they can fool people into believe which matters.

All it takes is one fool and the ignorance of fools is what these folks seem to be counting on.

'Anti-gay right urging 'resistance.' Yaaaawn!' & other Thursday midday news briefs

Anti-Gay Activists Urge 'Resistance' Before Marriage Equality Destroys 'Just About Everything' - I want us to win at SCOTUS with regards to marriage equality because it's the fair and right thing to happen. But .5 percent of me can't help but wanting to see if the religious right has the guts to back up all of this "civil disobedience" and "revolution" junk they have been threatening.  No one is naive, guys. When you talk about "resistance," you mean manipulating your supporting masses to do your dirty work while you, as Redd Foxx  from 'Sanford and Son' puts it - "coordinate things."

How Not To Talk About Bruce Jenner - Or how NOT to talk about any situation with regards to the transgender community.  

Anti-LGBT Groups To Appeal Judge's Ruling Upholding Houston Equal Rights Ordinance - They've lost twice so they obviously want to go for the hat trick.

 Capitol Prayer Service: God Will Punish America For Legalizing Gay Marriage - SAD! Our Congressional leaders are in a position to help this country (BECAUSE they are Congressional leaders), but instead they are attacking marriage equality because they seem to think that God has turned a blind eye to more pressing problems of the human race (war, famine, natural disasters, etc) to focus His attention on marriage equality. 

The Top Arguments for and Against Same-Sex Marriage at the Supreme Court - Break it down for us, Matt Baume.  

Watch This 7-Year-Old Explain How Her Two Moms Had A Baby - "Won't someone think of the children?" Guess what. The children GET it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NOM makes AWFUL attempt to inflate the numbers of its #March4Marriage failure

Particularly in terms of attendance, NOM's latest March For Marriage (held Saturday) was yet another colossal flop for the group.

However, NOM president, Brian Brown, thinks that he can pull a big con on everyone as evidenced by this tweet:

The tweet links to an article from MRC Newsbusters. a right-wing site which supposedly monitors  "liberal media bias." The article includes a video of the march, but there is absolutely no way anyone can tell the number of participants by viewing the video.

So where did the "15,000 participants" claim come from ? From NOM itself. According to the article:

A marriage march press contact confirmed to MRC Culture through NOM that “approximately 15,000” marchers attended. 

In other words, Brown is implying that an "unbiased" news source confirmed that NOM's March for Marriage had 15,000 participants. However,  the claim isn't coming from the news source. It is coming from Brian Brown and NOM.

This absolute pitiful subterfuge has been a hallmark of NOM's fight against marriage equality. It would be easy to just allow the organization to embarrass itself out of existence.

But to hell with that. Why shouldn't the lgbt community get in on the fun?

'Congressman exploits Baltimore to attack marriage equality' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

GOP Rep. Bill Flores Links Baltimore Riots To Gay Marriage - Some fool exploiting the sad situation in Baltimore to attack marriage equality was to be expected. But the fact that it was a Congressman talking to Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (who, for all his talking about gays trying to co-opt the civil rights movement, has been silent about Baltimore) is simply sad. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg eviscerates same-sex marriage opponents in court - Due to her awesome questions and such during yesterday's SCOTUS oral arguments on marriage equality, I called Justice Ginsburg a "bad ass steel armored bullet-proof Earth Mother." After reading this article which goes into more detail about yesterday, I think a better description of her awesomeness is in order.  

Battle For Marriage Equality Unfolds Outside The Supreme Court - Meanwhile, outside the court room, there was a good scene.  

Parents of Transgender Children Fight Bathroom Bills - THIS is how parents are supposed to act. And they should be commended.  

Florida's Trans Bathroom Bill Dies - Whoever said these awful transphobic bills can't be defeated is lying. It takes will, courage, and hard work, but they can be exposed as the fraudulent pieces of trash they are.  

New Website Highlights Businesses That Don’t Want To Serve Gay People - Three words - Family. Research. Council.  

Starnes: Pastors Will Be Charged With Hate Crimes If SCOTUS Legalizes Gay Marriage - Just a blatant lie. I don't care if he is a "commentator," there should be some type of integrity which keeps one from fear mongering in the name of God. No matter how much some "evangelicals" blame lgbts for the negative view some folks have of Christianity, it is people like Starnes who are mostly responsible.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How SCOTUS rules on marriage equality may come down to familiar question, tone

I personally think that this morning, the lgbt community got a welcome, albeit minor, scare at SCOTUS. It should serve a reminder that nothing is a cake walk and we shouldn't celebrate until battles are over and not when they look as if they are over.

Let me also say that after that minor scare, things look good for 50 state marriage equality. All in all, it could boil down to the same thing which tipped the Windsor decision to us - the dignity of same-sex families and our children.

But rather than giving you an expository, I am going to spotlight what I feel were the three best articles which emphasizes the main points of today's oral hearing, particularly the part which may tip the case in our favor:

Supreme Court Mulls How Marriage Equality Will Come About - From the Huffington Post comes a general overview of today's oral session, including how the swing vote the lgbt community is counting on, Justice Anthony Kennedy, gave us a huge scare this morning and how the lawyer defending marriage equality bans actually brought Kennedy back to why he ruled in our favor in Windsor.  

The Lawyer Defending Discrimination In The Supreme Court May Have Just Talked Himself Out Of Victory - From Think Progress, a special look at the exchange which MAY give us 50-state marriage equality while providing emphasis that opponents of marriage equality simply don't have a justifiable argument. 

 Marriage Equality Arguments First Reaction: Ginsburg Strikes, Kennedy Wavers - From Slate comes a wonderful analysis of the day which goes like this - Kennedy is a tough questioner to both sides of the issue, but has genuine concerns about same-sex families, Alito is a complete butthead, and Ginsberg is a bad ass steel armored bullet-proof Earth Mother. 

So what do I think? In one form or another, marriage equality is here to stay. There are serious trepidations and fear by some of the justices of what they claim to be a "redefinition" of the institution. But this fear is going to be measured with (and hopefully outweighed by) giving same-sex families and their children the fairness and dignity of equal marriage. For now, nothing is for sure. But it does look good.

'SCOTUS hearing marriage equality oral arguments' & other Tuesday midday news briefs

Editor's note - We are all on pins and needles about the SCOTUS oral arguments on marriage equality today. They are happening even as I write this and if you want to check them out, go to the live stream at SCOTUSblog

Anti-Gay Protester Disrupts SCOTUS Marriage Hearing: 'Homosexuality is an Abomination!' - I had a feeling that there would be some type of disruption but if this is the most that will happen, that's good.

 Janet Porter: Supreme Court Marriage Ruling Could Land Christians In Jail - The crazy people are just being more crazy. 

 Supreme Court Hearing Same-Sex Marriage Arguments - And an evenhanded look at how things are going. 

 Anti-Gay GOP Lawmaker Outed After Sending Explicit Photo To Another Man - Meanwhile, the battle for lgbt respect and such still goes on on a personal level.

 Court Says ‘Religious Freedom’ Gives T-Shirt Company The Right To Discriminate Against LGBT Group - And legally.

These Twins Want The Supreme Court To Recognize Their Dads’ Marriage - At the end of the day, this is what it's all about.  

Coming Out As Gay In Elementary School - And this. Let me be honest with you. I personally don't expect to get married. It would be nice and who knows what may happen, but I want marriage equality so that our children can decide their future choices based upon what they have a right to receive, not what's denied to them. To me, the argument of marriage equality is simple - it's about dignity for present lgbt couples and potential future lgbt couples.

A few words about today at the Supreme Court

As we hope and pray for success at the Supreme Court this morning, let's remember those whose shoulders we are standing on and those who we hope to lift up to a higher plane with our endeavours.

And most of all, no matter what happens, always know that it's not an ending, but only a doorway to an entirely new world. Win or lose (and I'm hoping for a win), this our moment, this is our time.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Video of NOM's march reveals hypocrisy, irony of homophobia

The following video are scenes from NOM's latest failed attempt at a #march4marriage, which was held on Saturday. Of course none of the arguments these folks are making could ever make sense in front of the Supreme Court.

To me, the grand irony is how these folks whine about being persecuted and ridiculed for their anti-marriage equality stance while at the same time denigrating lgbts and our lives. It's that duck and dodge which has become very popular amongst those who stand against marriage equality.

'Anti-gay freak out before SCOTUS arguments' & other Monday midday news briefs

How will SCOTUS rule on marriage equality?

CBS host introduces Tony Perkins as ‘anti-gay hate group’ leader: ‘You don’t speak for Christians’ - With my attention drawn to exposing the lie Family Research Council head Tony Perkins told on 'Face the Nation' yesterday, I made the mistake of not mentioning this awesome moment when Bob Schieffer called out Perkins before the interview. 

Christians: Stop letting hate control the conversation on LGBT equality! - A wonderful piece by my friend, David Shelton, admonishing other Christians to not let the anti-gay industry hog the debate and speak for them.  

Supreme Court’s Simple Marriage Case Questions Lead To Complex Arguments - Tomorrow is the DAY. SCOTUS will be hearing oral arguments on marriage equality. Some folks have taken it granted that we will win. I say I am taking NOTHING for granted. Chris Geidner of Buzzfeed gives an excellent analysis of the issues and questions at hand.  

Mat Staver: 'No Choice' But To Disobey Supreme Court Marriage Ruling - Oh please. What are you going to do? REFUSE to attend gay weddings? Fine with us.  

Pat Robertson: God Can 'Straighten Out' Your Gay Daughter At Summer Camp - Uh Pat . . . being at a place where you can go off in the woods with your possible same-sex significant other ain't gonna "straighten you out."  

29 Revealing Photos From This Weekend’s Anti-Gay March For Marriage - NOM held its annual poorly attended anti-marriage equality march Saturday. It wasn't attended by any Republican presidential candidates or legislators. Nonetheless, the signs were interesting. 

 We Can Talk About Bruce's Politics Without Ruining the Moment - Last week, Bruce Jenner became somewhat of a transgender icon. But his politics also makes him a conundrum.